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  • Benin 2019
  • School-Benin 2019
  • Tadjikistan 2018
  • Tadjikistan inaugural ceremony
  • Nepal 2017
  • Guatemala 2016
  • Guatemala building site

5th year Collective Development Project

Collective Development Project

During their 5th year project, students may manage a collective development project.

In the final year of their academic studies, ISA BTP engineering students achieve a structured and tutored collective international development project with a local partner NGO. Students have to use their academic and technical skills to help those in needs. The objective is to help a developing nation community through the construction of a school or health center.

Students are in charge of the fundraising, planning, design, logistics backup, site preparation and construction in a six-week period.

2005: A Basketball court for the disabled in Senegal
2007: A School in Madagascar
2008: A Knowledge Centre in Togo
2009: A Carpentry workshop for an orphanage in Cambodia
2010: A Learning center in Mali
2011: A Middle School in Madagascar
2012: A School in Benin
2013: A Primary School in Comoro Islands
2014: A Primary School in Madagascar
2015: A School in Laos
2016: A Free Health Center in Guatemala
2017: A School in Nepal *
2018: A School in Tadjikistan

2019: A School in Benin (in March 2019)
This next project will soon be achieved: Project 2018-2019

* In 2017 : Public primary school in Nepal in the town of Okharpauwa with the NGO Creasion.
The former school had been seriously damaged by the huge earthquake in April 2015.
Here is a video of the project