Taught in English

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University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA)

Taught in English

An international semester in English is proposed during second semester of academic year for Exchange program incoming students. A minimal ECTS number ranging from 25 to 30 is necessary.

A typical exchange student programme consists of 3-4 courses and a project of between 5 and 10 ECTS credits. 

We recommend that you also take a french as foreign language course unless you are a native french speaker. French is taught on various levels, and all exchange students will be tested and placed in the appropriate course.

You are welcome to choose courses across study programmes here enclosed.

The teaching philosophy at ISABTP includes a combination of theory lessons, assignments and project work. You will primarily learn theory through practical assignments and case studies. Your choice of projects will be influenced by your own interest and abilities. You may also choose an internship (8 weeks duration). In this case, you will have to prove a sufficient ability in french to communicate fluently in your professionnal environment.

Beginning of semester : 
- approximately mid January

End of semester :           
- mid June (learning agreement without internship)
- late July (learning agreement with internship)